SUNICOP project was inspired by the success of the EUNICOP project. It continues the intensive co-operation between the University of Osijek and Pécs in the field of law started by the EUNICOP project. SUNICOP is thus a common research and curricula development project that includes common training on tendering as well as a summer school. SUNICOP is co-financed and supported by the European Union through the Hungary-Croatia IPA Cross-border Co-operation Program and the two participating law faculties. The Lead Beneficiary is the University of Pécs, Faculty of Law, the Partner is Josip Juraj Strossmayer University, Faculty of Law, Osijek. For the activities projected a total budget of EUR 241 000 (HU a sum of EUR 135.120, HR an amount of EUR 105 880) was approved for the duration of 12 months (1 September 2011-31 August 2011).

The project has more divergent and interrelated scopes which can strengthen the effect of one another. Among these, creating joint regional research in the field of law, sharing knowledge in specific cross-border issues, enhancing cooperative teaching activity and curricula development, exchanging of good practice in tendering and project management, furthermore promoting joint results and organising a summer school can be mentioned. These scopes are achieved through different activities: informal meetings of researchers and teachers, common courses with the participation of Croat and Hungarian students, common research with the involvement of Croat and Hungarian researchers, conference where the knowledge gained can be shared, publication of the research results and the discussions of the conference in three books in Croatian, Hungarian and English languages.

The official flyer of the project is available here.

The English-Croatian brochure of SUNICOP is available here.

The Croatian subwebpage is active, you can find it here.